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Top 6 Web Design trends to follow in 2021

Staying up to date on the latest trends in Web Design and Mobile Design is beneficial, whether you are a professional web designer, an industry beginner or an entrepreneur who wants his business website to look modern and high-quality.

In addition, using the latest and most popular web design trends will guarantee your website a modern, up-to-date and actually neat look.

In this article, we present the Top Web Design Trends that are worth following in 2021 along with some tips on implementing them in your website.

Dark mode

Placing light text, icons, and interface elements on a dark background is a very simple but powerful technique. The dark mode is the web design trend which undoubtedly dominated in 2020 and it seems unlikely that his reign will end in 2021.

Famous websites and mobile apps have such as Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and Chrome as well as the latest versions of Android and Apple operating systems, turned off the lights one after another.

The popularity of this dark mode / aspect in Web Design is due to several factors such as elegance, reducing eye stress and energy consumption.

Tip: use very dark gray levels but not absolute black in combination with minimalist interface elements and simple graphics.

Dark mode in webdesign


A classic Web Design trend that will never stop. While the forms and characteristics of minimalism have changed over the years, its essential elements remain the same, winning the hearts of users and designers through elegance, usability and simplicity.

Minimalism in Web Design can mean a lot of things. From minimalist graphics and small color variations to a minimum of content and simple navigation.

The fastest way to achieve minimalism in a website is to replace large paragraphs with visual content in the form of a video clip or image.

Minimalism in webdesign


More and more digital agencies and web design agencies have started to create modern websites associating minimalism with the simplest Black and White color palette. Everything is good as long as You keep a clean and tidy look.

Tip: use large grayscale images in your website.

Black&White website webdesign

Bright color schemes

On the other hand, bright color schemes will be a step forward in the isometric trend in Web Design. Bright neon colors such as blue, purple and pink will make your site look modern and futuristic. Along with deeper and darker shades, these bright colors will stand out, giving a modern look to your website.

Bright color schemes in webdesign

Handwritten elements

The human-centered approach in Web Design has recently seen a massive increase in the use of handwrittten elements. Whether it is cartoon illustrations, hand-drawn icons or handwritten inscriptions, they are all meant to bring emotion, inspire humanity and personal touch.

This trend manifested itself strongly in 2020, so for 2021 an increase in this direction is expected.

Handwritten webdesign elements


Gradients are back, stronger than ever. 2021 will witness modern, multicolored gradients, from background to text additions. The combination of several colors that create contrast and the illusion of depth is the winning combination for a modern elegant look.

Gradients in webdesign

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