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Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

The process of creating a successful website, ie a website that fulfills its purpose, whether to sell products or attract potential customers, differs greatly depending on the field of activity, target audience and many other things.

But there are some common elements, essential elements that must be chosen or made perfectly to give the user a pleasant experience.

1. Choosing a domain name

To be memorable, a domain name must accurately reflect the identity of your brand and be easy to pronounce. Nowadays choosing a new, unique name can be a major problem but is essential to find a domain name that incorporates your brand identity, SEO elements and it's as short as possible.

2. Clean design

One of the most important things to keep in mind during the website development process is creating a clean and attractive design. Customers associate the design of the website with the quality of the services presented by it. A quality design is appealing, allows the content to be read easily and encourages the visitor to return. Don't forget the white spaces and don't use too many micro-interactions.

3. Efficient color scheme

Color schemes are more important than customers realize. Different colors have the ability to evoke emotional responses such as calm, happiness or frustration. When it comes to using colors in designing a website, it is essential to consider your company’s niche, target audience, branding elements and color theory elements.

4. Functionality

First of all, a website must be functional. By functionality we mean that all the links must be functional, all pages loads correctly, there are no security breaches and all the forms work properly. If any of these things are not working well, the visitors will leave the website and will never return.

5. Responsiveness

Build an adaptive website, a website that works and displays correctly on any device, screen size or orientation. You can even make a mobile-focused website because nowadays, 80% of the websites hits comes from mobile devices.

6. Show confidence

Write the content carefully, without mistakes. Publish your company credentials. Add a contact form but also publish other ways in which potential customers can contact you. Invest time, the visitor will see that you are concerned and will feel that your products / services are made carefully.

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