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The Covid-19 crisis affects small and medium-sized businesses

The crisis caused by the new coronavirus is one of the most debated topics in recent times. An absolutely normal thing considering the fact that worldwide over 35 million people have been infected with this virus. In addition to the disaster in terms of population health and the number of deaths, another major negative effect caused by this crisis is in the economic field.

The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis

From the beginning of the pandemic, many small and medium-sized companies have begun to feel the effects of quarantine, being affected by the lack of activity and many of them had to reduce the number of staff or even close the business completely.

According to a study by Romanian Council form small and medium-size businesses, among the main effects that entrepreneurs feel as a result of the coronavirus pandemic are:

  • declining sales
  • temporary suspension of activity
  • layoffs
  • restriction of activity
  • delays in payment of suppliers
  • closing companies

National Program for the digitization of micro-enterprises and SMEs

To counter the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the Romanian government approved at Friday's meeting, 14 August 2020, the implementation of the National Program for the digitization of micro, small and medium enterprises, funded under the Competitiveness Operational Program, managed by the Ministry of European Funds.

Through this program, micro and small and medium enterprises can access development funds such as the acquisition and/or development of the necessary software applications or licenses, configuration and implementation of databases, web design services or the acquisition of a company presentation website.

Programul Național de digitalizare microîntreprinderi și IMM-uri

Promote your business in the online environment

Take advantage of the help offered by the Romanian state in this program to cover your expenses with accounting programs, billing solutions, the necessary licenses for carrying out the activity, SEO promotion services, web design services and website creation. Does your business need more? You can contact a digital agency capable of building a custom system / application for the management of your entire activity.

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