5 essential web design tips for startups

The presence in the digital environment is essential for any startup because it is the main promotion channel. Take the opportunity to attract as much traffic as possible to your presentation site. Make sure your site loads quickly and is well optimized for search engines.

Intuitive navigation

Since we are talking about a new company, most site visitors will have a lot of questions about it. You have to ensure that the website has an easy-to-use navigation system and allows visitors to quickly navigate through the content.

Optimization for mobile devices

According to a study conducted by Adobe, 73% of customers said that a website must display correctly on their mobile devices, otherwise they will not interact with it. Pay attention to this aspect because in the most cases a new visitors accesses your website from a mobile device and if they are happy with what they see, they will search more information and will access the website from a desktop system.


Structure the content of the website so that the visitors can go through all the information needed to understand the activity of your business. Place Call-To-Action elements in key areas, elements that urge the visitor to become a customer or a potential customer. Whether it's a Download, Buy or Send message button make sure it is positioned in a visible place.

Attractive content

Ensure that informations about your company are very detailed and very qualitative. If the niche allows you, you can make a short video in which you can show the team, the work environment, the work process or any other process within your business.

Unique web design

Be original. Even if you have a site on Wordpress platform to reduce costs and install a paid or free theme, try to modify it massively so that no one realizes what it was originally. Otherwise visitors may become suspicious when you present them a website very similar to other websites that operate in different fields.

In conclusion, we can reduce everything to the word quality. Make sure your website has a good functionality, quality content and is displayed correctly on any device.